Get The Most Natural Looking Replacement Of Lost Smile And Teeth With Dental Implants

When you lose a natural tooth, either with age or due to decay or accidents, the bone under the tooth begins to deteriorate in the absence of supporting periodontium. The resultant deterioration further compromises with the stability of adjacent bone tissue.

Thus, your face gets a sunken look and you are unable to eat and speak as efficiently as you could. Replacement of lost teeth as soon as possible is thus very essential.

Bridges, fixed and removable dentures and implants are various procedures that can restore the functionality of lost teeth while replacing it in your mouth.

Benefits of dental implant over other restorative procedures

Dental implants simulate the feel, look and function of your natural teeth very efficiently. If done perfectly, your look after the tooth loss does not change even a bit. But it is extremely important that you find an experienced dental implants dentist in San Clemente near to your locality to get anatomically perfect implant fabrication.

Dental implants provide the following beneficial features:

  • It maintains the bone structure while further strengthening it.
  • It allows you to smile, speak and eat as you could with your natural ones.
  • It forms a protective layer for adjacent bone structure thus protecting the existing natural teeth.
  • It helps in Osseo-integration and prevents any loss of bone in the future.

While a dental implant fuses with the underlying bone, naturally replacing the lost teeth; it does has its share of drawbacks such as increased expenditure and requirement of a surgical procedure and healing period.

Success rate of implant is hugely dependent on your bone health and the hands of an experienced practitioner. SO, do a proper research before choosing an implant specialist.